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Page Updated  27 September 2013


Bonnie’s Laurie Allen Tribute




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A 60’s five-minute sketch of Laurie by Weg


WEG(Bill Ellis) is a very well known newspaper cartoonist, everyone would look forward to seeing his daily cartoon in the  Sun newspaper




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Updated sketch by Weg 2004


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Updated sketch by Weg 2004


     Thank you to Bill Ellis Green (WEG) for not only his permission to put the original 60’s sketch he did of  Laurie on my website but as he said it was just a five minute sketch he offered to do this updated one,

       Thank you Weg, this is a lovely tribute, Laurie would have loved it.      




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A Sketch by Good friend Bob Purtell




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 Description: GoGoGO Cartoon

 Newspaper Cartoon



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Jack Allen with Sue ( see-through Sue to Laurie)

a very special friend to Jack and to Laurie  



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Sue’s painting of Jack Allen

Thank you to Sue for sharing these Photos




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Thank you to Lyn Cartwright who has to be the biggest Laurie Allen fan in South Australia and her cousin Joan Lutz in the United States for this beautiful painting of  Laurie. Joan you did a beautiful job, I just love it

Joan Lutz is an Artist from Illinois USA and has done some beautiful paintings,.







RIP Joan…. Sadly Joan  Lutz passed away today 27th September 2013.


Thank you Joan for making  the world a much more beautiful place.

Thank you to Lyn Cartwright for  sharing  her beautiful cousin, Joan will be missed so much..



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Bobby & Laurie & Warren Keats

Sketches by a friend on one of my forums….Thank you