Bonnie’s Laurie Allen Tribute

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23 April 2012



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Warren Keats

The Warren Keats Band

The Muster



The Warren Keats Band


Warren & Vocals

Harry Tarasinski... guitars & vocals

Greg Pedley……..drums

Tony White……….bass& vocals


The Muster


Warren Keats….guitars &vocals

Les Gough……...bass& vocals

Greg Pedley…...drums

Geoff Wells….…guitar & Vocals

Dave Moore……pedal steel

      & occasional guests





About Warren Keats..from Youtube enty for “Come On Baby”

One of the countrys best talents, always has been.

Why is he under rated? Same reason all good muso's cant get exposure

or the credit they deserve.

No venue will pay for good live gigs today, you have to listen to canned crap

or contemporary shit.


Comments regarding Warren Keats production of Laurie Allen’s “The Cowboy Album “

Email...– I overdosed on it over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. Even to this day his voice sends shivers down my spine. This is one CD I’ll hold close to my heart.

Much appreciated….Shirley McCombe


Email.. I hope you don't think I have forgotten about Laurie's  Cowboy Album - I have been saving it until I could listen to it properly.  I never realised it was going to take more than a couple of months to get a real chance, but finally, I got there.  It's great.   He had an incredible talent and listening to something like these CDs all the way through, you can really appreciate it.  I love the liner notes too - I like Wazza's style!  You, he and everyone else involved have done a great job bringing about this tribute - it was definitely too good to miss.  Thank you so much for sharing it with me.

                                                                                                                    GT …Wales UK

Email.. I received your CDs today, thanks so much for sending them. The *Cowboy Album* is fabulous! You and Warren did an amazing job, collating Laurie's songs and putting them to Disc. Excellent playing also by all the musicians involved


Email.. What an amazing thing you have done with the Cowboy Album. Making it freely available to listen to after all that work you did to complete the project is a testament to you incredible dedication….                     Dylan….  Canberra


Email.. Hi Bonnie, Well girl I have just finished listening to Laurie’s cd, again. You have made it  near imposable to pick any one track that I could I like the best. God Waza done a fantastic job with it and deserves a medal, so do you for getting this cd out there to Laurie’s fans. It’s just wonderful news that this cd is going to be kept forever more in the archives, that is the best news anyone could receive, you must be so thrilled about this, I know I would be. What you have done for Laurie is so wonderful and I know he would be so proud of you and Waza for what you have done.

I believe in fate and feel those cassettes came to life with a helping hand of an angle just so Laurie will live on forever more. just think girl in 50 years from now when I’m long gone, these songs of Laurie’s will still be out there. These songs and the way that Waza has arranged them is perfect in my eyes, the music and backing is perfection and worth every bit of the eight months it took to do. Please give Waza a bit bear hug , plenty of kisses and a thousand thank you’s from Lynie Pooh from Adelaide, what a wiz kid he is, brilliant !


Email.. One of the tracks was featured the other night on the radio (Keith McGowan).

How wonderful to be keeping Laurie’s music alive – and what a treasure this collection is…… TG  {Author}


Email… WOW…..  Margaret J…Ararat.


Email…I guess we would all like to think that we would be lucky enough to have some one step in & finish off our left over after we fall of the perch, Laurie is very fortunate to have you do that for him, If I should be so lucky…… JC ..NSW






The Warren Keats Band at Yea….March 2010

       Bonnie it was a great night ,Warren was fantastic, I had so many people telling me what a fantastic band it was and Warren you rock

                                                                                                                       Judy Pitt..Melbourne.           

The WK Band made the night SHINE!!! ……..Susie Gamble… Mansfield

About The WKB Band….The song Hitch Hiker brought back a lot of memories from years ago…Audience member.

About Warren Keats guitar playing….I requested “Peter Gunn” I loved it, great guitar work, and loved Hitch Hiker…. Russell Pitt 



About Waza’s Youtube clip January 2008   

Joy & Mitch, committee members of The Country Music Guild of Australia emailed to say how much they liked the clip “ Come On Baby” by Waza and thought the editing was great. check out Waza on Youtube, it’s a great clip.

About WazaSeptember 2008

No.1 fan of Waza is hoping Waza gets a band together real soon, he wants to be around to see it… …………..Thanks Rus. you will be there (WK)




 Mike Bella Show Sunshine February 2007

About The Muster, That is a fantastic band, they put on a good show.

                             Where else can we see them?

About Waza, He is crazy but he can play that guitar.

About Geoff Wells Reservoir RSL (A Geoff & Bobbi Gig) March 2007

He hasn’t lost that voice, where does it come from, he has a great voice….Gazza

A comment from me…I always loved Elvis singing “The Trilogy” I thought no-one could sing that song like him, then I saw PJ Proby sing it live in Melbourne, it was the best ever I thought well that has got to be the all time best, well not taking away from Elvis or PJ but when I saw Geoff Wells sing that song, I only have one thing to say….OMG,

Dave Jorgenson Show Chelsea April 2007

About The Muster,..Wow this band is awesome, this band is a very tight knit band, wild.

                                This band is the best.

About Penelope Somerville, She is a WOW, she has a great voice and knows how to play that fiddle.

                                              She is beautiful and that fiddle playing, fantastic.

                                               I would like to see more of her she is a cutie.

About Waza, Wild, one of the best guitarists I have seen.,…he is really something.

Comment from Me….considering there was only time for one quick rehearsal Dave Jorgenson and The Muster did one great show, Dave Jorgenson has a great voice and put on a good show with The Muster, it was a joy to see an overwhelmed audience rush to the stage with a few over enthusiastic members having to be lead off the stage by security….My final comment…..The Muster you are the best band in the country…..

The WKB.@ The Guild May 2007

About The WKB…@ The Guild… I only come here when this band is on, they are great.

About Dave Moore(guest pedal steel player) he is one of the best pedal steel players I have heard, sounds good with the The WKB.

About Waza. August 2007

A local DJ on hearing a couple of Waza’s unrecorded songs asked if they could have a copy, as they are unrecorded I had to say no and they said they would kill to have that music.

About Waza. September 2007.

Len after seeing the Waza Music clips on his site was overwhelmed, would like to have bought them but settled for some songs instead….




The WKB @ The Guild Pascoe Vale RSL March 2006

About The WKB, I asked a regular dancer at The guild why she wasn’t dancing,and she said she how much she loves the music of The WKB so much she just likes to sit and listen., loves Waza’s voice especially the ballads.

                         Sensational was the word used by a new recruit to The Guild,.

                          OMG they are good.

                          Regular Guild member Dee asked if it was possible to change the bands gigs over so The WKB  would be playing on her Birthday Night, Dee said Waza’s band was the absolute best and it was seconded by Diane Johns who is one lady who knows her country music.

About Waza’s song Hey Laurie from Lyn in Adelaide. (the staunchest  Laurie Allen fan )

I listened to this song, with tissues in hand, I sat and listened to the song three times already, Waza has such a nice voice. a fitting tribute for Laurie, Waza must be a great man to have done this song for Laurie, I wish I could see Waza on stage.

About Waza @ JayDees latest Country Gig 2006.

One particular man at this gig didn’t need to say anything at all… he stood at near the stage with his mouth open and a glaze in his eyes when Waza went to town on his guitar,still with the amazed look he walks back to his table and imitates what he had just seen  but the only difference was the sound just wasn’t quite the same on his brand new air-guitar.

Judy Pitts Birthday Bash, December 2006.. Rock N Roll  Private function

About The WKB.  This band is bleep bleepin great, I love this bleep bleepin band. rock n roll is back.

                            This band is one fantastick band, they are great.

                            They went absolutely crazy when playing Guitar Boogie, it was something to see.

About Waza…He is wild, he was like in a trance during Guitar Boogie, it went on forever, they just played and played like never before.

About Harry, Harry started to sing “House Of The Rising Sun”, all of a sudden the smokers all rushed in from outside, with beaming faces, they just stood and beamed , dead silence until the end of the song then they all seem to rise up all at once with one big roar, one comment was “that was the best I have ever heard that song sung, ever”.

About Ped,  That drummer was so hot on those drums, a real good drummer.

About Whitey,.. The bass player looked like he was really into the rock n roll, he really looked like he was enjoying himself.

About The WKB… The Warren Keats Band was booked for Judy Pitts Birthday Bash as a surprise by her hubby Russell, she loves The WKB and got his wish for them to be there. Judy would like to thank the boys for giving her such a great night and for putting so much into a great night. Their Rock N Roll blew their guests away.

My Comment On The WKB, The Warren Keats Band is my very favourite country band and now that I have seen them in their Rock N Roll mode they are my very favourite Rock N Roll band too.

About The WKB from Russell Pitt, The whole night was great, there were so many songs I would like to have heard them sing, my highlight of the night was Waza singing “She’s My Baby” and Harry singing “House Of The Rising Sun and of course that marathon Guitar Boogie.

                           2 weeks later Russell is still raving about The Warren Keats Band, Russell who has had some health issues of late counts every day to be a blessing and he said that night with The Warren Keats Band was worth staying alive for…..

                           A guest at The Birthday Bash went to another party that had another band the following night, when asked which band she liked she said The WKB killed them, and said ‘Doesn’t that singer know how to put on a show.






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