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Joan Ellis Lutz  (1946 - )


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Birth .1946 (Evanston, Illinois)

Biography from AskART:

The following, submitted May 2004, is from the artist.

Born in Evanston, Illinois on July 9, 1946, Joan Lutz lives in Altamont, Illinois, where she has a studio and gallery. She specializes in portrait art, but enjoys painting everything that inspires her. Her style is realistic with impressionistic elements, and her mediums are oils, acrylics, watercolor, pen and ink, and pastels.
She has paintings hanging in Le Musee de Musique in Ontario, Canada; and in The Wright House Historic Museum of Altamont, Illinois.

Lutz's portrait paintings of George W. Bush and Al Gore were featured in an article in the New York Post Online Edition in 2000. The reporter stated that she is an exceptional artist.

Lutz's artwork has been covered by The Effingham Daily News, The Clay County Advocate Newspaper, and The Salem Advocate Journal in numerous articles every year over a 12 year span of time. Lutz drew a cartoon strip for The Effingham Daily News which ran for one year in 1993-94. On February 26, 2004, a feature article in the "Clay County Republican" of Louisville, Illinois, had a feature article on the portrait that Lutz did of a recently deceased county board member. The wife of the subject said that her her husband "would be very honored by this portrait. It is beautiful." The Decatur, Illinois newspaper, the "Herald Review" of July 3, 2004 had a front page feature article on Lutz and her window paintings, which change with the seasons, and also referenced her skill at painting portraits.

Lutz has won many Best Of Show Awards, and First Place Awards in Art Guild shows over the past 20 years, in Clay County, Effingham County, and Marion County, all in Illinois.

Lutz has a 24 feet by 8 feet mural on permanent exhibit in the sanctuary of the Nazarene Church of Flora, Illinois. A large painting hangs on permanent exhibit in in the sanctuary of The Trinity United Methodist Church in Flora, Illinois, and a portrait of the founder of the Clay County Hospital Medical Clinic is on permanent display in its lobby. Joan Lutz owned an art gallery for seven years called The Court Gallery, where she sold numerous of her own paintings, and took commissions for her paintings which are on display in businesses and homes throughout Southern Illinois. She has a painting hanging in The Carnegie Library of Flora, Illinois.

Lutz has been a member of The Effingham County Fine Arts in Architecture Board for four years, appointed by Effingham County. Her duties are to purchase artworks by area artists of Southern Illinois for the buildings of Lake Land College and other government buildings. She is a member of The Effingham County Art Guild.

Lutz is a member of Worldwide Mensa, the High I.Q. Society based in New York, NY, and a member of Intertel, The International Legion of Intelligence, an even higher I.Q. society, also based in New York City. Artists are extremely intelligent people, so I feel it is appropriate to mention this.


Joan Lutz specializes in Portrait Art. She started painting at age five, and trained under her father, Harold Minter, who was an artist and one of the founders, in the 1940's, of Motorola Television Corporation based near Chicago, IL. She studied at The School of The Art Institute in Chicago, IL.

Lutz's father inspired her at the early age of 4 years, as she loved to watch him paint and draw, and then try it herself. Drawing was always her number one love, and playing her violin was number two. When she started kindergarten school at age five, she was frightened and crying on the first day, until the teacher showed her an easel and paint pots with big brushes, in the back room, and then she broke out in a big smile, and was excited to go to school every day.

Her family moved to San Marino, California after her father's death when she was just 12 years old. She lived within walking distance of the Henry Huntington Home, Art Gallery and Library during her high school years, and walked there as often as possible to study the Great Masters paintings hanging in that collection.

Lutz married and moved to Flora, Illinois, a very rural farm town in Southern Illinois, surrounded by corn fields and grazing cattle. There she raised four children, Clark, Corinn, Julie, and Randolph. She spent her time raising the family, cooking, and taking care of her home, until her first husband died in 1990. After the last child left for college in 1992, she finally had time to pursue her painting professionally.

One of the highlights of her career so far was in 2000 when she painted portraits of Presidential Candidates George W. Bush and Al Gore. George W. Bush owns a lithograph of his portrait painting. Al Gore ordered six of the lithographs of his portrait to give to his wife, Tipper, and his staff. The paintings were made into Official Campaign 2000 Convention buttons for both candidates and for both conventions, by an independent company. The campaign buttons have been collected nation wide, and are now a part of history. Jim Nicholson, George W. Bush's 2000 Campaign Chairman said, "Joan is a very talented lady." Joan had the privilege to meet George W. and Laura Bush, and Dick and Lynn Cheney, because of her portrait paintings.

Lutz' goal for many years has been to paint the Official Presidential Portrait for The White House in Washington, D.C. She has completed many portrait lithographs of Princess Diana, as well as portrait lithographs of many celebrities.

She is living with her husband, Dan Lutz, in Altamont, Illinois, a small farm town of 2500 people, where she has been a professional artist for twelve years.

Note from the artist, November 2004:

WAND TV NEWS reporter Warren Brinegar came to our State Farm office in Altamont, IL on Oct. 27, 2004 to interview and film Joan Lutz and her window paintings of President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry. It was a fun day, and after an hour and a half Warren headed back to Decatur, IL to edit his film for the story to be aired that night on the 6:00 News, part of which was shown on ABC Nightly News with Peter Jennings, and also played on the 6:00 AM news this morning.