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Bonnie’s Laurie Allen Tribute






Les & Joy Keats





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Joy, Waza &  Les


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Les Keats


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Les Keats and the Keats family

Joy, Kerran, Garry & Warren.

The music continues!


 Joy and Les Keats co-founded The Country Music Guild Of Australasia in 1968, they worked so hard to bring country music accessible to the up and coming country music hopefuls, they were both an important part of the foundations of country music in Australia and gave many young musicians a go. Les Keats passed away in 2002 and Joy carried on for as long as she could but had to stand back because of ill health, on the 19th of December 2007 the music was transferred to a higher place, Joy passed away, reunited with her Les.


The music of Les and Joy Keats will continue through their biggest contribution to country music through their three sons, Kerran, Garry & Warren and I know that Joy and Les will not be let down.


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The Country Music Guild


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The Country Music Guild Of Australasia is the legacy of Les and Joy Keats and they will always be remembered for what they did for country music.


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