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Bonnie’s Laurie Allen Tribute



The Magic Circle Club


The Magic Circle Club was a very successful childrens show  produced at the ATV0 studios in the 60’s.

Described as a blend of fantasy, magic, music & comedy…

Bobby & Laurie was Twoddle & Boddle in The Magic Circle Club, I hope this page will bring back the child in everyone who can remember The Magic Circle Club.

Living in the Magic Forest were…. Nancy Cato, Fredd & Feefee Bear, Twoddle & Boddle, Marlena DeWitch, Max, Mother Hubbard, Cassius Cuckoo, Leonardo De Funbird.Liz (Liz Harris), Sir Jasper Crookly, Bo Bo the Clown,Hep Cat.

Also Featuring: Max Bartlett, Bunny Brooke, Ernie Bourne, Colin McEwan, Fred Tupper, and John Howson.




                               Twoddle & Boddle                                                 The cast from The Magic Circle Club

                                       or is it Bobby & Laurie                                           ( Clippings from the Edna Allen scrapbook)


February 20 1965…This Week with Jack Ayling

 ATV0’s new childrens show is getting a good reaction and don’t be surprised if it is soon seen on country stations and eventually on a national basis.

October 2 1965….This Week with Jack Ayling.

 ATV0’s Magic Circle Club is tremendously popular with the tiny tots….especially the offspring of stars on rival channels.