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Edna’s, Laurie Award Cabinet.


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Bobby & Laurie with Hitchhiker award




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Normie Rowe, Pat Carroll, MPD

& Bobby & Laurie.




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Nite Trane Tiara Award

Best Instrumental 2001







Bonnie’s Laurie Allen Tribute


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 June 2003                              DON’T LET HIS MUSIC DIE


Warren Keats, Bobby Bright, Russell Pitt and Greg Lynch at the Moorabbin Townhall, To help raise the much needed funds to help Warren finish the cd’s that Laurie had been working on before he passed away, Russell Pitt arranged a raffle and worked so hard and even donated the prizes.. . Thanks to Russell’s effort and a lot of hard work on Warren’s part Laurie’s last contribution to the world of music is finished and available and many thanks to Greg Lynch for without his cooperation the raffle would never have happened…. Thanks Rus. And Greg.


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        In memory of  Laurie’s Aunty Renee, who passed away in October 2003, a beautiful lady with the purest of souls, a true supporter of Laurie and his music, my adopted Aunty and true friend for without her faith in Laurie’s music and her help along with Waza, Laurie’s cd “One Last Round”  may have remained Laurie’s unfinished dream…… .Aunty Renee will be the Angel on the keyboard or maybe the piano accordion….




             Laurie’s loyal little team with Aunty Renee in charge we were one hell of a team


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                                      Edna Allen’s scrap books                              Laurie’s gig  diaries


                A lot of the information on these pages came from these scrapbooks and diaries.

       Go-Set!! Magazine.


            I have obtained a lot of this information from the very popular magazine Go-Set!!,

            for those who are not aware, Go-Set!! was the most popular magazine that came out

            every 7days from February 1966 to August 1974, and I think should be given a lot of

           credit for what it did to help the artists of the 60’s. It was like a bible to the fans of

            Australian 60’s music, having the best of reporters like Ian (Molly) Meldrum and Stan

            Rofe and many others interviewing the best of the 60’s stars, feeding the fans of the day

            the much needed information and the best photos that they (we) craved for.